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Hello, at Altmann Sports in Vevey, we understand the importance of choosing the right bike, components, and textiles to make cycling a true pleasure. 

Choosing a bike that suits your needs and riding style is essential. Whether you prefer mountain biking, road biking, or electric biking, it's important to consider factors such as frame size, geometry, suspension, and transmission to ensure an optimal riding experience. 

Components also play a crucial role in performance and comfort. Precise brakes, reliable derailleurs, and a suitable transmission for your needs will allow you to fully enjoy every bike ride. 

When it comes to clothing and textiles, it's important to prioritize breathable, lightweight, and durable materials. Well-padded saddle cushions, well-fitted jerseys, and bib shorts will help minimize friction and ensure optimum comfort, even during long and intense rides. 

At Altmann Sports, we are passionate about cycling and we understand the specific needs of each cyclist. Our advice, as passionate enthusiasts, is to never overlook the importance of well-adjusted and tailored equipment for your needs. Take the time to discuss with our experts to find the bike, components, and textiles that will bring you maximum enjoyment on every bike ride. 

Remember that every cyclist is different, so don't hesitate to seek personalized advice to get the best equipment and settings for your cycling practice. Ride well and enjoy every kilometer on your bike!


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