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The stringing of your tennis, badminton or squash racket is crucial to your performance on the court. Your choice of string and tension can have a significant impact on your game.


In tennis, for example, you can choose between several types of string, such as natural gut, multifilament and monofilament. Each type of string offers different qualities in terms of comfort, power, control and durability.


String tension is also an important choice to consider. A higher tension offers more control, but less power. The recommended tension will depend on your level of play, playing style and personal preferences.


You can also try out new rackets. We offer new models with improved technological features. For example, some rackets incorporate lighter materials for improved maneuverability, or damping systems to reduce vibration. Testing new rackets allows you to find the one that best suits your playing style.


We also offer a wide choice of textiles, footwear and accessories. Lightweight, breathable technical clothing will help you stay comfortable and perform well in your matches. The right court shoes will give you optimum grip and reduce the risk of injury. Finally, accessories such as grips, overgrips or anti-vibration pads can also improve your comfort and control.


In conclusion, choosing the right string and tension is essential to optimize your game and performance. It's also important to test new rackets to find the one that suits you best. In addition, make sure you choose the right textiles, footwear and accessories for your sport. All this will help you maximize your enjoyment and achieve your goals on the court.


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