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The Blade 2023 returns this year with a new visual and new cutting-edge innovations. The Blade is a ski developed by Line for experienced skiers, who are looking for a versatile ski, which allows charging in all conditions.

It's a super dynamic ski, with a rigid flex, perfect for carving and performing tight turns with ease. 5-Cut technology allows you to have several radii of curvature depending on the intensity of the load applied to the ski. The directional flex makes the front tip lighter, which improves lift in powder snow and above all makes it easier to take edges. The stiffer tail provides a more incisive and very stable ski, even at high speed. You can therefore charge as much as you want, the Blade 2023 will remain easy to master.

Its Aspenlite Core gives us a light and extremely maneuverable ski, while maintaining the rigidity necessary for a high-performance ski. Its high quality construction with Gas Pedal Metal technology (partially visible on the screen printing), is a guarantee of excellent grip, further reinforced stability and above all an extraordinary energy return when the ski is put under tension. Finally, on rough and fresh snow it will surprise you. With a Rocker of 300 mm at the front and 100 mm at the rear, it lifts easily to stay above the powder. While on transformed terrain, it will absorb irregularities for a comfortable and controlled ride.

Its 30% thicker sole and edges thanks to Fatty Base & Edge technology considerably increase the durability of the ski so that your pleasure remains the same outing after outing.

The Blade is remarkable for its performance, its sporty sidecuts and its great versatility. We can say it’s a great success that will follow you wherever you go!


CHF899.00 Regular Price
CHF499.00Sale Price
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