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Hello everyone!

Today we're talking about trekking and mountaineering, and specifically about footwear, manufacturing, and accessories necessary for these activities.

At Altmann Sports, we offer a wide range of hiking and mountaineering shoes, suitable for all levels and terrains. Our shoes are designed with close attention to detail and quality materials to offer optimal comfort while providing excellent protection for your feet.

When it comes to manufacturing, we are proud to work with high-quality manufacturers who take environmental and social impacts into account. We use durable materials, environmentally-friendly production processes, and ethical working conditions all along the production chain.

Regarding accessories, we offer a wide range of essential products for trekking and mountaineering activities, including backpacks, weather-appropriate clothing, hiking poles, sleeping bags, tents, and headlamps.

So whether you're an experienced hiker or new to mountaineering, at Altmann Sports, we've got everything you need for your next adventure. Come visit us for personalized advice and to make your choice from our wide selection of superior quality products.

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