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After a lot of hammering, a few holes and a few brush strokes, we're happy to invite you to a small inauguration.

We've put together a great program so that everyone can find something to enjoy and have fun with. Skateboarding, biking, climbing and even tennis. But don't worry, we won't let you die of thirst or hunger either... The whole street will be there to make sure you have a great start to the weekend.

How it goes.

Friday 17th

  • 2:00 pm rue de la madeleine set-up of small stand on east sidewalk. Max 3 meters wide and small removable wooden skateboard module. No sale of alcohol.

  • 5:00 p.m. Skate and bike demonstration and training in the street.

  • Speed contest on our indoor climbing wall. 5pm-6:30pm

  • Aperitif in front of the store. Until 9:30pm 

  • Continuation of the evening at rex Café

Saturday 18th

  • Yoga initiation 8h00 marie or Nina?

  • Breakfast 9h00

  • Physical preparation for an injury-free winter Benjamin Loubrie 9h30

  • 10h30 Skate and bike demo in the street.

  • Small stand of local associations. No sale of alcohol

  • Street tennis in the street

  • Remote control car demonstration

  • Various small activities 11h30 14h

  • Bike contest 14h00-15h30

  • Skateboard contest 15h30-18h30

  • Evening at rex café 19h....

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