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At Altmann Sports, we have a wide range of skateboards for all ages and skill levels. Whether you're into street freestyle, longboarding, cruiser, or surf skate, we've got you covered.

Our skate street freestyle boards are specifically designed for performing tricks and stunts in urban environments. With their durable construction and responsive wheels, you can ollie, kickflip, and grind with ease.

For those who prefer a smoother ride, our longboards are perfect for cruising and carving. With their longer decks and softer wheels, you can glide effortlessly along city streets or coastal paths.

If you're looking for a compact and portable option, our cruiser boards are ideal. With their smaller size and lightweight construction, you can easily navigate through crowded streets or carry them in your backpack for a spontaneous skate session.

And for those who want to experience the feeling of surfing on land, our surf skateboards are the way to go. With their unique design and responsive trucks, you can carve and pump just like you're riding a wave.

No matter your age or preferred style of skating, Altmann Sports has the perfect skateboard for you. So come visit our store and discover the joy of skating today!

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